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Branding can mean a lot of things. Simply put, branding differentiates you from the crowd. It is derived from what your business stands for, what your mission is and how you would like to be perceived.

The starting line is your logo. Elements that follow such as your website, stationary, packaging etc. communicate your brand—consistency is key.

My branding process is thorough. I analyze where your business stands to date, research your industry and assess the competitive landscape. We then sit down over a cup of coffee and talk goals.

Client: Fragrance by Molly Ray

Local designer Molly Ray creates small batch, hand blended fragrances in her Seattle studio. She came to me with the goal of creating an updated, consistent brand identity with the ultimate goal of expanding the number of locations where her fragrances can be sold.

Molly and I embarked on this process from the starting line - her logo. While she already had a logo, it needed a redesign for improved legibility and simplicity. I liked that her original logo showcased her real handwriting, aligning with her local, artesian persona, so I weaved this concept throughout her branding. Below you can see the progression from the logo to web to product and presentation.